20 Secret Tips And Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your iPhone

easter eggs

Photo: buba69 via Flickr

The iPhone is an easy to use, intuitive smartphone, but there’s a lot neat tricks and hidden features left out of the user manualIn honour of Easter, we took a look at our favourite and most useful Easter eggs Apple hid in the iPhone.

Note: Pretty much all of these tips will work for the iPad too.

If you're scrolling through a long web page or list, tap the bar on the top of your screen to go immediately to the top.

To lock your screen orientation, double tap the home key, then swipe over to the left. Tap the looped arrow to lock. You can also control your iPod from here.

Double tap the home button while the screen is locked to bring up your iPod controls.

When using the iPhone ear buds, double tap the middle of the controller to skip to the next song. Triple tap to listen to the previous song. (Single tap plays and stops music.)

The Mail app automatically detects times and dates and converts them to a link. Tap the link to add the event to your calendar.

Swipe your finger across an e-mail in your inbox to delete it. If you're using a Gmail account, you can set this to delete or archive the message in settings.

Close programs running in the background by double tapping the home key. Hold your finger down on the app you'd like to close until it starts wiggling. Then tap the red minus icon to close.

Use the alphabet bar in the contacts list to quickly jump through your stored names

Press the home button from any screen to jump directly to your main screen. Press it again to go to Spotlight search, which is universal search of your phone.

Rearrange your apps by holding down your finger on an icon. When the apps start wiggling, tap and drag to arrange how you'd like. If you drag one icon on top of another you'll automatically create a folder that can store up to 12 apps.

Save your battery life by turning off 3G, Bluetooth, and push notifications. You can do all of this from Settings --> General --> Network. (Note that turning off 3G will slow down your internet speeds).

Enable caps lock when typing by double tapping the shift arrow.

customise what shows up in your spotlight searches: Go to Settings, General, Spotlight Search, and select which items you would like to appear.

Take a screen shot by pressing the home button and power button at the same time. You'll see a flash and your shot will be saved in the Photos app.

If an app freezes on you and won't close, reboot your iPhone by holding down the home key and power button for about six seconds until you see the Apple logo again.

Choose which iPod buttons show up in the home row. From the iPod app tap More, then tap Edit at the top left of the screen. You can tap and drag which shortcuts you want to appear at the bottom.

To send multiple photos at the same time, open an album in the photo app. Tap the select icon in the top right of your screen and choose the photos you'd like to send. Then tap Share. You can send the photos via e-mail or MMS.

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