How The iPhone Killed The Flip Camera

Cisco’s decision to kill the Flip camera shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has been watching this industry for the last few years.

As the iPhone and other smartphones have matured, “camcorder” has become an app on your phone or MP3 player that’s always there, not a separate piece of hardware that you need to buy and carry around.

And because the iPhone, iPod touch, and Android are sophisticated software platforms with Internet connections, not just cheap camcorders, they are infinitely more useful than the Flip, too.

For proof, check out this video that we shot, edited, and uploaded to YouTube directly from our iPhone 4. Yes, it’s not an award-winning movie, and we haven’t even done much editing. But it’s just not something we could do with the Flip.

On the hardware side, Flip has been commoditized. (If you really need something like the Flip, there are a bunch of alternatives.)

On the software side, Cisco dropped the ball, and didn’t do enough to add editing and web sharing functions. It didn’t keep up with the times. And it deserves to be shut down.

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