Here's How You'll Be Able To Test The New IPhone's Fingerprint Sensor In The Apple Store

IPhone 5s cameraAppleThe iPhone 5S

One of the most talked about features in Apple’s recently announced iPhone 5S is Touch ID, the fingerprint sensor that will act as an extra level of security for its owner.
The phone can be programmed to recognise the user’s distinct fingerprint.

This is a feature that Apple is eager to show off, but how will they do that in stores where hundreds of people come in and out to test out the same machines day after day?

The answer is a demo application Apple has designed specific to the iPhone 5S demo units that will be found in Apple Stores and Carrier stores, 9to5Mac reports.

Here’s how it will work, according to 9to5Mac:

To test Touch ID, a customer can launch the demo app. In this app, a customer can setup the device to recognise a single fingerprint. When the setup process is complete, the application will direct the user to place that fingerprint on the Touch ID sensor on the Home button. The application will then show that the Home button successfully read the fingerprint. Then, the app will tell the user to place a different finger on the Home button. The app will then show a red fingerprint outline to note that the authentication was not successful.

This will help potential buyers understand the setup process of Touch ID, and how it will work to accept or reject fingerprints, even if the demo application does not support the feature’s full functionality (unlocking the phone and downloading content from iTunes). The application will reset so each new customer will be able to try out the fingerprint sensor feature when they visit the Apple store.

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