There's A $US50,000+ Bounty For The First Person To Outwit The IPhone Touch ID

A group of security professionals and other assorted white hat “hackers” are running an old-fashioned honour-system contest. A couple dozen of them have pledged various prizes to the first person that can outwit the iPhone fingerprint security sensor, the feature Apple calls Touch ID.

They aren’t looking for a software hack. They want to see someone reliably and repeatably outsmart the device by lifting fingerprints from, say, a beer mug. In other words, can Touch ID be tricked, rather than hacked?

They’ve launched a site called “” where people have pledged to pay the winner various prizes. There are a lot of $US100 pledges, but also Bitcoins, bottles of wine, tequila, and other goodies.

It’s not an organised thing. It’s up to the winner to get these folks to make good on their pledges.

However, venture capitalist Arturas Rosenbacher, a founder of I/O Capital, pledged a whopping $US10,000.

One of the contest’s sponsor’s, security researcher Nick Depetrillo, tweeted that in order to collect, he wants to see a video.

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