iPhone Fart Apps To Face Off In Court


iPhone fart apps are a silly gag, but they’re also capable of generating big money. And now a lawsuit.

“iFart” maker InfoMedia is taking “Pull My Finger” maker Air-O-Matic to court in Colorado, seeking a declaration that it is lawful to use the term “pull my finger” — a common flatulence-related expression — in its marketing materials. It also seeks legal fees and “other relief” as the court deems proper. (Perhaps some Beano.)

InfoMedia’s Joel Comm goes through the back story on his blog: Air-O-Matic wanted a $50,000 settlement for Comm’s abusing a “Pull My Finger” trademark for mobile phone apps, which Air-O-Matic filed last December.

In the court filings (PDF), the Pull My Finger makers also accuse Comm of “unfair trade practices.”

They petitioned Apple (AAPL) to remove iFart from the App Store because Comm was leaving negative reviews on competing apps and disguised his own review of iFart — “Way better than Pull My Finger!” — as what looks like someone else’s. Perhaps a little sleazy, but Apple told them to settle this themselves.

We’ll see how this turns out in court. But our biggest complaint is that both iFart and Pull My Finger… well, aren’t very realistic. Neither sounds like real flatulence. So how about someone fixes the real problem here, and starts selling something more convincing?