iPhone Driving Huge Growth In Phones With Motion Sensors

iphone super monkey ball

One of the ways Apple (AAPL) has changed the mobile industry forever: Thanks to the iPhone, pretty much any high-end phone now needs to ship with a motion-sensor, or accelerometer, to get taken seriously. Motion sensors are useful for turning a Web page from portrait to landscape mode, steering around a video game, or even scrolling up and down in text.

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According to research firm iSuppli, about 1/3 of mobile phones shipped worldwide next year will include an accelerometer, up from 1/11 in 2008. That’s good news for companies that make the sensors, such as STMicroelectronics and Kionix.

Who’s leading the push? Apple, obviously, as well as smartphone specialists like Palm (PALM) and HTC, which makes Google Android phones. But other manufacturers are pushing accelerometers, too: According to iSuppli, 38% of new Nokia phones have had accelerometers since January, and 18 of Sony Ericsson’s 19 new phones introduced this year have motion sensors.


DON’T MISS: 10 Ways The iPhone Changed Smartphones Forever

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