"We're Getting F---ed By Apple," Says iPhone Developer

While it’s apparent that Apple is at least trying to make its iPhone App platform easier to stomach for developers, the company is still not pleasing everyone.

Digg engineer-turned-iPhone developer Joe Stump is the latest to write an angry, public rant to Apple. But his, unlike some others, is peppered with entertaining swear words! (It’s called “Pass the lubricant as we’re getting f—ed by Apple too.”)

Stump’s company Blunder Move makes an iPhone app called Chess Wars, which lets people play chess with their Facebook friends.

The app was plagued with problems since the beginning, but Apple accepted an update, Stump writes. But there were still problems, so Stump issued another update. And now it’s been about six weeks, and Apple hasn’t done anything.

“Apple are equal opportunity arse f—-ers,” he says, among other expletives.

That line won’t win anyone over at Apple, but if Stump’s claims are accurate, he doesn’t deserve the treatment he’s getting.

Apple boasts that the majority of apps go through without a hitch. In its recent filing to the FCC, it said 95% of apps are approved within 14 days of submission, and 80% are approved as originally submitted.

But clearly something is wrong here.

We obviously aren’t getting Apple’s side of the story in Stump’s rant. (We’ve reached out to Apple for comment, but don’t expect a response.) But if there are really severe bugs in Chess Wars that are causing terrible reviews, Apple at least owes Stump a real response — and owes its iPhone customers an app update.

This case is an exception rather than the rule. But it makes Stump look terrible. And it makes Apple look worse. Stump recently left Digg to start his new company, and will eventually need investors. Who would want to invest in a company that has to deal with this kind of crap?

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