iPhone Coder Makes $10,000+ From New Yorker Cover

new yorker iphone

This week’s New Yorker cover, drawn on an iPhone using the “Brushes” app, got artist Jorge Colombo a cool new gig: He’ll be making a new drawing each week for the New Yorker Web site.

But it’s also been a money-maker for “Brushes” creator Steve Sprang. He tells the New York Times that the buzz around the New Yorker cover has boosted sales up to 40x. On Monday alone — his highest day of sales — he sold 2,700 copies of the app at $4.99, which made him $9,400 after Apple’s 30% cut.

Sales haven’t fallen off a cliff. “Brushes,” on sale for $3.99, is still no. 28 in Apple’s list of the bestselling paid apps. So Sprang has easily made five figures this week without doing anything special.

Here’s the video of Colombo drawing the New Yorker cover.

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