Here's The Evidence That A Bunch Of People Got New IPhones For Christmas

It looks like a lot of people had iPhones under their Christmas trees this week.

How do we know?

Take a look at the App Store, which ranks popular trending apps. They’re not the top apps of all time, but the apps that are popular right now.

On Christmas yesterday, a lot of those trending apps intimated that a bunch of people got new iPhones. They were all the basics: Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, etc. Everything one would need to get started on his or her new iPhone. (And no, many of them were not in the top slots before Christmas.)

Of course, we’ll never know the exact number of iPhones sold for the holidays, but there should be a bump in sales over the current quarter when Apple reports its earnings early next year. It takes a lot of people downloading to make these apps bubble to the top of the App Store.

Here’s a look at the App Store rankings yesterday:

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