No one is going to buy your white and gold or blue and black-themed product

 Remember “The Dress?”

Well, now we have iPhone cases, two of them, so that you can share with your friends and the world which colour you think — or thought — the dress was. 

The glaring problem is that this item will be released on March 27, a full month after people were losing their minds over the dress. 

And in a month, it seems unlikely that people are really going to care. Or at least, care enough to spend $US16.99 to get two iPhone cases that will, in time, amount to little more than an ironic callback to an internet meme we all had some fun with for like three days. 

As my colleague Caroline Moss said, people may have bought these things the night of — like this man, who got a tattoo of the dress on his leg  —  the way you might buy pizza after a long night of drinking. 

But waiting a month to get the product that relates to an event? Well, then the event is over. 

(Remember the llamas?)

Now, as a number of media outlets found out, the traffic-based rewards from this story were very, very serious indeed. 

BuzzFeed’s main post on the dress has garnered more than 38 million views. 

The Tumblr page that had the original dress photo got more than 73 million views

Business Insider’s post has more than 4 million views.

Creating a meaningful commercial opportunity from this internet sensation, however, is significantly more challenging. 

Earlier on Tuesday, we put up a post noting that these cases were for sale.

And the immediate reaction on Twitter was one of fatigue and disgust.

It seems more likely, then, that people trying to sell things that are white and gold or black and blue will end up like these guys, scrambling for the business opportunity that follows from a bland conversation between a few bored millennials.  

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