iPhone Beer Pong App Making $7,000 A Month From Ads


Another advertising data point from Apple’s (AAPL) wildly popular iPhone app store: Beer Pong Challenge, an iPhone app that lets you play beer pong, is making more than $7,000 a month from ads.

Specifically, publisher Super Experiment is making an average $7,296 a month from in-game ads, at a $3.21 effective CPM. (That means that for every 1,000 impressions, the company gets $3.21.) The company exclusively uses Greystripe as its mobile ad network, displaying multimedia ads that take up the full screen. (Sample below.)

Super Experiment declined to tell us how many active users or downloads it has so far. But to make $7,296 a month, it needs to deliver about 2.3 million impressions a month. (Spread over a few hundred thousand active users, that’s about 10 impressions per person, per month. Not bad.)

Based on what we’ve heard about eCPMs for iPhone apps, $3.21 is pretty solid — especially for a beer pong game that might not attract the highest bidding advertisers. And while $7,000 a month in ad revenue isn’t going to matter to a huge gaming company like Electronic Arts, for a small company like Super Experiment, it’s a decent revenue stream.


Photo: Mattdell via Flickr

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