The 11 Best iPhone And iPad Apps You Missed Out On This Week

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In this edition of Apps Of The Week, we’ll bring you a variety of iPhone and iPad apps that are fun, wacky, and might help you be more productive.We have an app to create a virtual time capsule, an app to take amazing distorted pictures, and one of the best to-do list apps we’ve come across in ages. 

We even have an app to tell you what famous events have happened near you, like where JFK popped the question, or where the apartment from Friends really is.

This is Apps Of The Week.

ItHappenedHere is a pragmatic travel app that points out important historical places

ItHappenedHere is a cool app that will tell tourists exactly where remarkable events happened, such as the parking deck where Deepthroat whispered Watergate secrets to Washington Post reporters, or where to find the apartment featured in Friends.

ItHappenedHere just launched an update featuring content for New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. The app also features Washington D.C.

Price: $2.99 from the App Store

TaskEater is the best-looking new task manager we've seen in a while

There seem to be hundreds of task managers and to-do list apps out there, but newcomer TaskEater stands out for a few reasons.

It's elegant colour-coding and icons are easy on the eyes, and the UI's simplicity keeps fluff to a minimum. Through iTunes, you can copy your own icons to the app and use them instead of the default ones.

The app includes local notifications, alarms with snooze, and backups you can email straight from the app.

Price: $0.99 from the App Store

Vtok lets you video chat with people using Google Chat

Vtok is another great way to video chat with desktop users from your iPhone or iPad 2 over Wi-Fi or 3G.

All you do is sign in using your Google account, and you're ready to go. For this to work, your friends need to install the video plugin for Google Chat if they don't have it already.

One nice feature is that even if the app is in the background, you stay signed in and can receive calls.

Price: free from the App Store

Fooducate is your best friend at the grocery store

Fooducate takes the guesswork out of finding healthy food, and helps you put down the junk food you just picked up.

Scan a barcode using the app, and it will show you simplified nutrition facts, comparisons to similar products, and a letter grade to show you how healthy the food is.

Fooducate has a library of 200,000 products and is growing daily.

Price: free from the App Store

Use NFL '11 for iPad to stay on top of draft coverage, NFL news, schedules, and more

NFL 11 is the league's official app. While it currently focuses on the NFL draft (first round took place last night), this app is a must for a football fan with an iPad.

The NFL plans to offer tons more features as the football season gets nearer, so grab this app now to keep up to date.

Price: free from the App Store

Apple rejected Unpleasant Horse, but now it's back

Unpleasant Horse has some real viral potential, combining it's simple to learn, hard to master gameplay with odd moments of graphic violence.

Apple thought it was a bit too unpleasant, but after some changes, the game is on the App Store. The game only took 24 hours to make, developer PopCap notes in the app description.

Tap a bird or a cloud and Unpleasant Horse jumps to them. Miss a cloud, and you'll fall to the ground, which is actually covered in buzz saw meat grinders.

Price: free from the App Store

One of the best-selling RPGs ever comes to the iPad

Final Fantasy sold more than one million copies when it was released in 1990, which is pretty remarkable.

Its legacy and influence lives on today, and the 3D remake with much-improved graphics released in 2006 has now made its way to the iPad.

The interface has been re-worked for the iPad, and the game is as addictive and as epic as it's always been.

Price: $16.99 from the App Store

This app will help you brew the perfect pot of tea, every time

Tea for iPhone is the perfect app for tea connoisseurs and enthusiasts, containing a big library of teas, tools, and tips.

Track the teas you own and make notes, find out how long it takes to steep each tea, and use the app's timers to remember how long you like to brew your favourite teas for.

Price: $2.99 from the App Store

Slit-Scan Camera is the coolest camera app this week

Slit-Scan camera takes a unique approach towards photography, turning you or your subject into a carnival mirror.

The app has a relatively steep learning curve, but once you've figured it out, it can be a blast to use. Slit-Scan works like a scanner does, except if you were moving things on the scanner bed as the scanner was turned on.

Price: free in the App Store

TweetCaster is an alternative Twitter app that allows you to temporarily block Twitter feeds

Among the dozens of Twitter apps out there, TweetCaster stands out because it offers a very snappy interface and customisation options you won't find in other Twitter apps.

You can customise the background, navigation bar items, block feeds you don't want to see for a while, and more.

Also, the app loads links in the background so when you tap a link inside of a Tweet, it loads much quicker.

There are ads, but there isn't another Twitter app that offers these kinds of features for free.

Price: free from the App Store

APP OF THE WEEK: Futuregram is a virtual time capsule, or just an easy way to send yourself text reminders

You can use Futuregram to send yourself push notification reminders to pick up groceries, call a relative, and other things you might not want to make a specific calendar event for.

What we like more about Futuregram is the ability to send a message that will arrive to a future version of yourself. It's a lot of fun, because you'll often forget you set up a Futuregram, just like if you were to create a time capsule and bury it underground.

Send yourself a Futuregram of what you were thinking, or something you hope to succeed in doing, then receive it a month later. Type a message and tap 'Send.' The message zips off into the future.

Price: $0.99 from the App Store

Now that you've checked out our favourite apps of the week.....

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