iPhone Apps Can Now Plug Into Facebook


Today’s big news at South by Southwest: Facebook has launched Facebook Connect for iPhone apps.

What does this mean? Apple (AAPL) iPhone app developers will be able to plug into Facebook the same way Web sites have been able to for months. This means that instead of having to develop their own “social” features themselves — and force you to reconstruct all your “friend” relationships on an umpteenth service — they can plug right into Facebook.

Some early participants include Tapulous, whose new “Tap Tap Revenge 2” game has been the no. 1 iPhone app for more than a week.

Will this take off? We can’t see why developers would bother making their own social features now that they can tap into Facebook connect, where more than 175 million people can sign in and access their friend lists. And one of its big selling points — according to Facebook, at least — is that it’s very easy to set up. Here’s a video where Facebook says an iPhone developer can add Facebook Connect to their app in five minutes.

Photo: Andrew Mager via Flickr

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