THE DEFINITIVE PHOTOS: The Same Apple Store During Last Summer's iPhone 4 Launch And Today's Verizon iPhone Launch

Here’s a scene that shows the drastic difference in excitement between last summer’s Apple iPhone 4 launch (insane lines) and today’s Verizon iPhone launch (short lines).

In reality, this is NOT that big of a deal — we expect a steady flow of iPhone upgrades at Verizon, and a big spike when the iPhone 5 comes out this summer, and a big spike at Christmas. The sold-out pre-orders suggest there is a lot of interest in the Verizon iPhone. But it still LOOKS bad for Apple.

This was the scene at 8:14 a.m. this morning, purportedly outside the Apple Store in the Park City mall in Lancaster, PA., as passed along by a reader.

Park City Apple Store line

Here’s the same mall at 7:45 a.m. last June 24, during the iPhone 4 launch, as photographed by the same reader.

Park City Apple Store line


Click here for short Verizon iPhone lines across the country →

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