This App Lets You Shoot Stunning IPhone Photos Like A Pro

Iphone 6 cameraAppleNow you, too, can shoot photos as nice as the ones Apple shows off.

The iPhone’s camera has long been inching toward dSLR-quality photos. Now it can do something previous iPhones have only dreamed of: shoot in manual mode.

Manual, which is already in the App Store, gives users full control of the iPhone’s shutter, ISO, white balance, focus, and exposure. 

That gives you the opportunity to stop and blur motion, a technique often used by professional photographers.

Manual was developed by William Wilkinson and Craig Merchant. Wilkinson introduces Manual in a tongue-in-cheek video on the app’s website.

“This is an amazing camera,” says Wilkinson, while holding an iPhone 5 and trying to take a photo of his friend. “But sometimes, it can be f****** stupid.”

Wilkinson then chucks the iPhone over his shoulder and pulls out another from his shirt pocked to demonstrate Manual.

Professionals don’t make art by shooting in automatic mode. Now you don’t have to, either.

Check out Manual’s video:


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