The iPhone 7 is reportedly going to get a major camera upgrade

The iPhone may be about to get a major upgrade, with a dual-sensor system reportedly making its way to the iPhone 7 slated for a launch later this year.

That’s according to Mark Gurman, a reporter for Bloomberg with an extremely good track record for scoops and news on upcoming Apple products.

Gurman reports that the larger version of the next iPhone — the “Plus” model, presumably — will feature a dual-sensor camera that will capture two images independently then merge them into one to get higher quality images, especially in lower light conditions. (The smaller non-Plus model won’t get this new camera design, according to the report.)

But those who are hoping for more significant overhaul in the next iPhone may be disappointed. Gurman reaffirms what rumours have been saying for a while though: That the next iPhone will look largely similar to the previous device, the iPhone 6s. This is an upheaval of how Apple has traditional released iPhones, on a two-year tick-tock cycle. One year there’s a major redesign, while the next there are more incremental improvements.

2017 will be the tenth anniversary of the iPhone’s launch, and there is a more comprehensive redesign of the handset expected for it.

Another change that Gurman is reporting in the next iPhone will be a tweaked home button. It will eschew a physical button in favour of a button that only appears to depress, using haptic feedback — like new MacBooks’ trackpads do.

Apple is also expected to ditch the headphone jack, forcing users to switch to wireless headphones or use a pair that connects via the single Lightning charging port.

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