This looks like the first good iPhone 7 leak caught on video

The iPhone 7 is currently in production, so we’ve seen a lot of leaked photos of the device expected to be launched by Apple this fall.

Now we’ve got video. 

9to5Mac posted a quick seven-second spy shot of the iPhone 7, originally found on Chinese social media from unknown sources.

But since it’s much harder to Photoshop a video than a still image, there’s a good chance that these are real parts, and the images haven’t been digitally altered. That doens’t mean they’re necessarily real parts, though, because they could be unrelated knockoff parts meant to look like an iPhone 7.

But the video does line up with what we think we know about this fall’s smaller iPhone, including:

  • A larger camera opening suggesting an improved camera
  • No headphone jack
  • Redesigned antenna lines across the top and bottom of the device

If you want more rumours about this fall’s iPhone, here’s everything we think we know

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