More photos that may show the iPhone 6S screen have leaked

New pictures that purport to show the display assembly of the next iPhone have leaked.

Macfixit, an Australian store that sells Apple parts and accessories, posted the images on its blog Monday. The store says in its post that it received the images from a supplier in China.

According to Macfixit, the images show that the next iPhone, widely believed to be called the iPhone 6S, will come with Force Touch, a new feature that’s available on the Apple Watch and new MacBook. Similar images claiming to show the iPhone 6S screen have leaked in recent weeks.

The Wall Street journal reported in March that the next phone could come with the technology, which can detect how hard someone taps a screen. This would allow taps of different pressure to perform different tasks; hard press could bring up one menu while a light tap could bring up another.

Apple usually announces new iPhones in September and begins selling them about ten days later. Other upgrades the next iPhone will reportedly get include a better camera, faster processor, and improved fingerprint sensor.

It will likely launch in September.

Check out the photos, via Macfixit.

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