These parts supposedly come from the next iPhone and give us big hints at what it will be able to do

A new video from European parts supplier MacManiack shows what the company says is parts from the next iPhone, the iPhone 6S.

The components hint at new features coming to the iPhone, such as Force Touch and potentially haptic feedback.

Apple’s Force Touch technology can already be found in the new MacBook’s trackpad, as well as the Apple Watch.

Force Touch screens register how much pressure you’re applying to the screen, which can bring up useful menus or shortcuts that simplify how you use your device.

For example, a regular tap on a phone contact will take you to that contact’s page, but a hard-press can bring up options for that contact, like calling or texting without switching screens, right from your current screen.

Here’s a breakdown of the iPhones 6S video leak: 

In the video, MacManiack points to this piece with the caption 'Force Touch?' It might be the component that senses pressure for the next iPhone's Force Touch features.


The grey patches at the top, middle, and bottom left of the device on the left don't appear in the iPhone 6 on the right. These might be more components for sensing pressure for Force Touch features.


There's one more connector in the iPhone 6S screen than in the iPhone 6, which suggests that more power and information needs to be passed along from the screen to the phone's main components, like its processor. That lends credibility to the Force Touch rumours, as it would require more information than the current connectors can handle.


MacManiack also points out that the iPhone 6S has a straight connector cable for the Touch ID home button while the iPhone 6's is angled. It's not clear what this means. It might be as simple as more efficient internal design.


The supposed front of iPhone 6S on the left looks practically identical to the iPhone 6 on the right.


The screen panels of both the iPhone 6 and supposed 6S have the same apparent thickness, but it leaves out the rest of the device's body, so there's no indication that the iPhone 6S might be thicker because of the new components.


But remember, these are just rumours, and check out the sketchy box that the so-called iPhones 6S frame sample came in.


And there's nothing here to suggest that the sample came from Apple or its manufacturing partners.


Check out the video for yourself:

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