The iPhone 6s has a clever new feature that makes it easier to switch between apps

The biggest new feature in the iPhone 6s is 3D Touch, which can detect how hard you’re pressing on the screen to give you an extra layer of control beyond swiping and tapping.

So far, there are limited uses for 3D Touch because most developers haven’t had time to implement the feature in their apps. But Apple has some clever uses for it.

One of my favourite new 3D Touch gestures lets you launch the app switcher without having to double tap the home button. (I stumbled on this accidentally in my early tests of the iPhone 6s.)

Here’s how you do it:

Firmly press the left side of your screen. You’ll feel the 3D Touch vibration as confirmation. Then you’ll be taken into the app switcher.

Like this:

Pretty cool, right?

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