THE IPHONE 6: A Complete Guide To All The Gossip About Apple's Next iPhone

It’s never too early to start talking about Apple’s next iPhone, so let’s get to it.

Here’s everything we’re hearing about the next iPhone.

It’s still early so we’re only hearing a minor rumblings, but it’s enough to start thinking about what’s next.

We're expecting the phone to look different than the iPhone 5/5S.

Historically speaking, Apple does a hardware redesign every other year. Since the iPhone 5S is the same as the iPhone 5 on the outside, we expect something new this time.

We think this is the year Apple delivers a big screen for the iPhone.

Samsung proved that consumers want big screens for their smart phones. We think Apple will make the screen bigger this year. Interestingly, Apple might make more than one big iPhone. It's possible Apple makes a 4.7-inch iPhone, and a 5.5-inch or 6-inch iPhone. And, we would expect Apple to keep making the 4-inch iPhone. So that's 3 iPhones, up from 2 last year.

We're also expecting Apple to make the phone slimmer.

Honestly, Apple doesn't need to make the phone any slimmer. It's plenty slim! But there's gossip that it's going to make the next phone 6 millimeters. The current phone is 7.6 millimeters think.

We expect Apple to improve the camera.

Apple will keep the same 8 megapixel lens on the iPhone, but it's going to do 'optical image stabilisation' which will make photos clearer.

It should be faster with a better chip.

Every year Apple upgrades the chip inside the iPhone making it significantly faster than in the past. We're not sure the iPhone can get much faster, but we're expecting an A8 chip. (Last year was an A7 chip.)

Battery life could be better on the next iPhone.

The next iPhone will be bigger, which means it will have a bigger battery. A bigger battery, in theory, should lead to longer battery life.

What's it going to be called?

We're not entirely sure. The easy answer is iPhone 6. But, if Apple is going to have 3 phones, then it would probably need new names. There's chatter about Apple calling one of the phones the iPhone Air, just like it has a MacBook Air, and iPad Air. Maybe a 6-inch iPhone would be called the iPhone Air.

What happens to the iPhone 5C?

Apple iPhone 5c phones are pictured at the Apple retail store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York, September 20, 2013.

If you're a consumer, you probably don't care, but for people that obsess over Apple, this is going to be one of the more interesting things to watch.

Will Apple still make the iPhone 5C? Or will it stop making the C and only make the 5S? Or will it keep the 5C shell and stuff the guts of the 5S in the C?

The 5C has not been a big seller for Apple according to reports, so we'll be interested in seeing how it adjusts the line over time.

We also expect Apple to change its Maps this year.

Apple has been buying transit mapping companies. So, we expect Apple to add subway and mass transit directions to Maps. This isn't exactly iPhone 6 specific, but it will probably be out at the same time the new iPhone is out.

When will it be out?

There will be a flurry of reports about when the iPhone comes out. We're already seeing reports suggesting it could be out in May. For the most part, you can ignore those reports. We expect the phone to be released in September, like it has been for years now.

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