I've Had The iPhone 6 Plus For A Week And Everyone Who Thinks It's Too Big Is Crazy

IPhone 6 Plus 5Business InsiderBehold! The iPhone 6 Plus.

The iPhone 6 Plus is a flat out amazing phone.

I’ve had it for just over a week and I am completely smitten with it.

If you’re in the market for a new smartphone it should be at the top of your list.

The last time I wrote about the 6 Plus, I had just bought it. At the time, I was thinking about returning it.

After about 12 hours with the phone I was feeling apprehensive. It has a 5.5-inch screen, which is massive compared to the 4-inch screen on the iPhone 5S I was using.

Remember, when you’re talking about the size of a phone’s screen, the measurement is done diagonally. A 5.5-inch phone is much, much bigger than a 4-inch phone. The entire iPhone 5S fits inside just the screen of the iPhone 6 Plus.

IPhone 6 Plus 2Business InsiderThe iPhone 5S fits in the iPhone 6 Plus, with room to spare.

The difference between the two phones is jarring at first. The 6 Plus felt massive in my hand. One handed use seemed impossible unless I managed to pop my thumb out of joint to reach across the screen.

It took about 3-4 days to get used to the size of the screen. Now that I am used to it, there’s no way I can go back.

I picked up my iPhone 5S two days ago (after six days with the 6 Plus) and I was astounded at how tiny the phone felt. The text was hard to read and the screen barely showed me anything. I felt like I was hurting my eyes just looking at it. How did I ever live like that? What a dark era.

The iPhone 5S feels like it should be a niche model. It should be rebranded as the iPhone Nano. A thin, small phone for a select group of people who want some sort of novelty gadget.

The iPhone 6 Plus is the perfect phone for me. And, I think it’s the perfect phone for a lot of people. You could go with the iPhone 6, which is a nice phone with a slightly bigger screen, but the 6 Plus doesn’t feel overwhelming. So, why not go big?

The iPhone, for me, isn’t a phone. It’s a portable computer. I use it for email, music, checking Twitter, reading the news, keeping an eye on Business Insider, and just about everything else. The big screen makes all of that better.

But what about one-handed use? Is it terrible? I am going to say no. And here’s why: I don’t even think about it. On day one, I was not keen on one-handed usage. On day two, I still wasn’t certain. But on day three, I bought a case, and it made all the difference in the world. Now, I don’t even think about one-handed usage.

I’ve never used a case on an iPhone before, and I didn’t plan to use a case on this phone, but my wife insisted. It’s an expensive phone.

So, I went to the Apple store and got the red silicon case. It actually made the phone look better. And it made it easier to use. It even felt like Apple designed the phone with a case in mind. (I doubt Apple did that, but it feels like it. The edges of the phone curve into the case in a way that feels natural, and better than other iPhones, with cases.)

The phone is a bit slippery. Since it’s a big, slippery phone I have to grip with all my might (which isn’t much) when it doesn’t have a case. With the silicon case, I could grip it a little bit lighter. It was more comfortable because there is more traction from the rubbery silicon.

But, the downside of rubbery silicon is that it’s rubbery silicon which can feel kind of gross to my hands. It also leads to dust filling the screen. The case itself picks up all the lint and junk that’s in my pocket. I’m constantly wiping it off. I’m also paranoid that the red case will eventually pick up a shade of black from dirty hands and it will be flat out gross. (I’m not a Howard Hughes-type, but I could understand how something like that happens.)

Iphone 6 case dustBusiness InsiderDusty, gross. All I did was put the phone in the pocket and then take it out.

Anyway, I got a navy blue leather case to test out, and I like it better. You still get the traction of a case. It feels a bit nicer than the rubbery silicon. It doesn’t pick up lint like the silicon case. And since it’s dark blue, the dirt won’t be as obvious. The downside? It’s kind of boring looking. I may swap it for a red leather case. I haven’t decided.

The fact that an Apple product is improved by a case, shows you how strange the iPhone 6 Plus is for Apple. It just doesn’t feel like an Apple product. It’s big, it’s bulky. But, it’s great. (When Steve Jobs called big phones “Hummers” he was right. But so what?)

IPhone 6 Plus 6Business InsiderThe blue case, the naked iPhone, the red case.

The battery life on the phone is terrific. I got the phone 8 days ago. Since then, I’ve charged it just four times. Four times! The phone can go two days on a 100% charge if you don’t go crazy using it. If you go nuts with it, you’ll probably have to charge it every 36 hours. But, if you just want to be safe and charge it overnight to 100%, you’ll be good for a full day’s use.

What else do I like about the phone? The screen looks great. Every time I look at my lock screen I am blown away by the rich colours. The blue sky just looks like a deeper, stronger blue than anything I’ve seen before. I’m just going off what I see, but the folks at Display Mate ran it through thorough testing and said, “the iPhone 6 Plus is the best performing smartphone LCD display that we have ever tested.”

I haven’t taken many photos with the camera, but the few that I have taken look good. So far, they don’t seem to be significantly better than the iPhone 5S. However, they are better at dealing with my hands being shaky or moving around.

Here is a photo I took of Business Insider in the dark this morning when I got in. Pretty good for low light.

Business insiderBusiness InsiderBusiness Insider, after dark.

Wrapping up…If you’ve ever bought a new TV, you may have heard the following phrase: Nobody ever regrets buying too big of a TV. When I first had the 6 Plus, I thought to myself, that phrase doesn’t work for smartphones. Now, after eight days with the phone, I think it might work for smartphones, too. The bigger screen is better.

Oh! You’re maybe wondering about the iPhone 6 Plus bending. It hasn’t. I doubt it ever will. But if it does, I’ll let you know.

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