Some IPhone 6 Plus Owners Are Experiencing A Weird Camera Issue

Several iPhone 6 Plus owners are complaining about an issue with the rear camera on their phones. They say it won’t focus or stabilise, even when standing completely still, like in this photograph below.

The user who took this photograph, which was posted to an Apple Discussion forum, says he or she closed all of their open apps, rebooted their phone, reset all their settings, and even restored the phone to the latest software and set it up as a new phone. And yet, the issues persisted.

Other users claim to be experiencing the same issue. Check out this video demonstration, filmed by a man named Gaurav Pathak, who says his iPhone 6 Plus camera started acting weird a few weeks after he purchased the phone, with the rear camera recording wobbly videos and images.

Pathak says he can also hear a “mechanical clicking sound from inside the phone when the camera is in use.” This, as well as the warped images visible through the viewfinder, suggests the optical image stabilisation (OIS), a physical camera feature exclusive to the iPhone 6 Plus, is the culprit. OIS is supposed to compensate for any physical movement from your hand to stabilise photos and videos, but in these cases, it sounds like it has malfunctioned for some reason. 

We’ve reached out to Apple to determine if the company is aware of this issue, and if it has had any customers come forward yet. We’ll update this story when we learn more.

Hat tip to Techtree, where we first saw this story.

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