I Went To The Natural History Museum With The IPhone 6 Plus -- And I Was Blown Away By How Good The Camera Was

Over the weekend, me and some of my friends participated in a scavenger hunt at the Natural History Museum in New York.

(We tied for first, but lost on the tie-breaker question, thanks for asking.)

The museum, if you’ve never been, is amazing.

While running around, I decided to snap a photo of some elephants it had on display with my iPhone 6 Plus. It was pretty dark, so I wasn’t expecting much. The photo came out stunningly clear.

I decided to take a bunch of other photos. It seemed like a good test, since the lighting is pretty poor for the most part. And, it’s a good example of where you want a camera to work well. There are lots of cool things to see, and if you have kids, you’ll want pictures of those kiddies in the museum.

Let's start at the beginning. This was the first photo I took that impressed me.

I used the iPhone 6 Plus's photo editing to lighten the photo, and it looks incredible. It's clear and bright. Even brighter than it was in reality, but it doesn't look to blown out or fuzzy.

The rest of these photos have no retouching or editing at all.

Here's an ape of some sort.

Here's our team walking through the museum.

The contrast in these photos looks pretty good to me.

Easter Island thing comes out in the low light.

Here's a photo of some Native American stuff, with reflections of people in the museum. Pro tip: If you want to seem like a good photographer, have reflections in your photos.

These are just some random folks that were sitting in the museum. I took this one to illustrate how the camera deals with shadows.


I should have written down what I was looking at, because I forget now.

Some random folks.



More dinosaur!

Our team is stunned to figure out the answer to a clue.

And here's a shot of some birds hanging from the ceiling.

Here we are waiting to get on an elevator. Pretty decent clarity for pretty weak lighting.

The hall of biodiversity!

The whale!

This was a big, old tree.

Close up of some crystals.



These guys.

What's up?

A guy doing some nice illustrations. I took this as a creep shot, but you can see how crisp it looks.

And finally, here's a look at how the camera can adjust its lighting. This is our team when focus is on them.

This is the team when focus is on what's behind them.

And this is when the focus is in between. Not bad!

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