Check Out The Inside Of The IPhone 6 With These Stunning New Design Renders

You might have to wait until September 9 to see the iPhone 6 officially, but a new set of conceptual renders offers a glimpse at just how many components will be stuffed inside Apple’s next-generation smartphone.

The high-definition renders were created by concept designer Martin Hajek, according to Cult of Mac. Hajek’s designs incorporate the latest leaks and rumours, which means his designs are a pretty close approximation of how the iPhone 6 will really look.

Hajek’s most recent mockups are particularly interesting because they show how the phone’s internal components, including Apple’s new A8 processor and larger battery, could look crammed inside the iPhone 6’s slim new profile.

You can check out a sample of Hajek’s most recent renders below, or head on over to his official website to see his full design portfolio.

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