This Radical IPhone 6 Concept Completely Re-Imagines The World's Favourite Smartphone

Apple is set to release its next version of the iPhone, the iPhone 5S this fall. We don’t expect to see drastic changes to the physical look of the phone.

But next year, Apple could very well release a redesigned “iPhone 6.” If it wanted to.

Graphic designer and artist Johnny Plaid has envisioned a drastic update for the iPhone 6 which takes advantage of an edge-to-edge display, multi-touch sensors in the bottom of the device that get rid of the home button, and a brand new charger that integrates MagSafe technology.

While it’s highly unlikely that this is what the iPhone 6 will look like it’s still fun to dream.

We know that the next iPhone Apple releases will be the 5S and the rumoured iPhone 5C. Graphic designer an artist Johnny Plaid has imagined what the iPhone 6 could look like. Here it is:

The concept takes advantage of an 'edge-to-edge' display.

By making the glass front wider and longer there's more screen real estate. This is what Motorola recently did for its latest smartphone, the Moto X.

Here's a full view of the white version of the smartphone. It looks ridiculously thin.

While this concept does seem a bit far-fetched its not that difficult to imagine the iPhone 6 looking like this.

The flash has been moved completely opposite of the camera. There seems to be a microphone (probably for noise cancellation) next to the camera.

The black version is sleek as always. We imagine it would be easier to repair this concept phone because all the internals would be right below the screen.

Instead of just showing us what his iPhone 6 would look like, Johnny Plaids also re-imagined a new Retina screen.

There's also a REALD layered display concept.

There's even a smaller version, the iPhone mini.

For comparison here's the concept next to the current iPhone 5. This concept imagines the iPhone 6 as pretty much the same size as the 5 but you get more screen real estate because of the edge-to-edge display.

While a MagSafe iPhone charger would be awesome, it would be annoying to have to deal ANOTHER new charger.

Here's what videos would look like on the wider screen.

Another look at a full screen website.

The bottom of the phone integrates multi-touch gesture support. It gets rid of the home button concept.

Swiping the bottom of the screen allows you to access shortcuts.

Holding the bottom will activate Siri.

And tapping to the right or left will have different functions depending on the app.

Finally here's what the concept would look like in the wild. We hope that Apple thinks outside of the box for the next big version of the iPhone.

Now check out some ridiculous things Siri says ...

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