Someone Did An iPhone 6 Drop Test From The Edge Of Outer Space

If you’re worried about dropping your new iPhone 6, here’s some good news: Apple’s new smartphone can withstand a 100,000-foot drop from the edge of space. Well, sort of.

Case maker Urban Armour Gear sent an iPhone 6 to space in November to see if its case would successfully protect the phone during its descent. The video, which we found via CNET, shows that the phone did in fact make it back unharmed.

The team did equip the phone with a parachute, but the iPhone 6 was still able to withstand 70 mile-per-hour winds and temperatures of below -70 degrees Fahrenheit. The iPhone was sent into space with a balloon and a rig that included two GoPros, and the views were astounding.

Here it is at the top of its ascent.

And here it is on its way down.

Check out the full video below.

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