You Can Get A Much Cheaper IPhone 6 At T-Mobile For Cyber Monday

T-Mobile is offering a pretty good bargain on the iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, and iPhone 5c as part of its Cyber Monday discount (via 9to5Mac).

If you buy a 16GB iPhone 6 through T-Mobile, the carrier will automatically upgrade you to the next storage capacity size.

That means you’d save $US100 on a 64GB iPhone 6 since you’d be able to purchase it at the same price as the 16GB version. The full discounts from T-Mobile’s website are as follows:

  • Buy an iPhone 6 16GB and we’ll upgrade you to an iPhone 6 64GB
  • Buy an iPhone 5s 32GB and we’ll upgrade you to an iPhone 5s 64GB
  • Buy an iPhone 5c 8GB and we’ll upgrade you to an iPhone 5c 32GB

The deal is valid today until midnight Pacific time, and it only applies to purchases made through T-Mobile’s online store.

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