Apple's rumoured smaller iPhone might come in bright pink

Pink iPod TouchAppleA pink 6th generation iPod Touch.

Apple’s rumoured smaller iPhone could come in bright pink, according to a report from Mac Otakara, which cites supply chain sources. 

The iPhone 6s currently has a pink model, called Rose Gold, but the report suggests the colour will be closer to the 6th generation iPod Touch, which comes in a vivid pink. 

Mac Otakara didn’t get to see the device first hand, but the source said the pink was a different shade than the Rose Gold iPhone model, suggesting Apple is going to introduce a whole new colour for the phone. 

The report suggests the iPhone 5se will come in three colours: Silver, Space Grey, and Pink. 

However, Apple writer Mark Gurman was sceptical of the report, and said that Apple isn’t going to change the iPhone colours for the new device:

The smaller iPhone, which was initially thought to be called the 6c, will be unveiled at an event in March, according to 9to5Mac. The phone is the successor to the iPhone 5c, which had a plastic body and is no longer sold by Apple. 

Apple event iPhone 6S rose goldAppleThe iPhone 6s comes in four colours: Silver, Gold, Space Grey, and Rose Gold.

Apple is reportedly ditching the plastic design, however, in favour of a metal model that would resemble the iPhone 5s from 2013. The screen will reportedly be 4-inches, making it around half-an-inch smaller than the iPhone 6s. 

Apple killed the iPhone 5c because it did not sell well compared to the other iPhone models. One reason, put forward by Ben Thompson, an independent analyst for the Stratechery blog, was the plastic body didn’t fit with Apple’s premium image. 

The March event, which is rumoured to be the launch date for the new iPhone, could also see an updated Apple Watch with a FaceTime camera and iPad Air 3


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