MOSSBERG: The IPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner Is 'Game-Changer'

The Wall Street Journal’s gadget god Walt Mossberg is
out with his iPhone 5S review.

He likes it: “The new iPhone 5S is a delight. Its hardware and software make it the best smartphone on the market.”

He really likes the fingerprint scanning technology on the phone:

The iPhone 5S is the first digital device I’ve seen with a simple, reliable fingerprint reader — one you can confidently use, without a thought, to unlock the device instead of typing in a passcode.

…After using Touch ID, I found it annoying to go back to typing in passcodes on my older iPhone.

His only complaint about the phone is a really minor quibble: He thinks Apple should do more with its keyboard as compared to Android. Other than that, he likes just about everything.

Read the review here >

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