Why You Shouldn't Expect The iPhone 5S To Come In June

iPhone 5 at apple store

Apple analyst Gene Munster said in a note he expects the iPhone 5S to ship at the end of June. While it’s possible the iPhone comes out in June, we think Munster might be off on this one.

Rene Ritchie at iMore reported the iPhone 5S is coming in August. Ritchie has excellent sources at Apple. He was one of the first to report what the iPad Mini would look like. He was also first to report Apple was going with a smaller cable for the iPhone. He nailed the announcement and release date of the iPhone 5.

In addition to Ritchie’s report of an August release, Jefferies analyst Peter Misek said he’s hearing Apple pushed the release of the iPhone 5S from June to the July-September time frame because it was having some manufacturing issues.

Based on Ritchie’s excellent track record, plus the shift from Jefferies, we’re now expecting a new iPhone in August.

The iPhone 5S isn’t expected to be a big upgrade over the iPhone 5. Ritchie says it will look the same with some internal improvements and a camera upgrade.

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