Apple Reportedly Having Production Problems With The New iPhone Because Of The Fingerprint sensor

tim cook apple wwdcApple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple is supposedly having production problems with its next iPhone, the so-called iPhone 5S, reports DigiTimes.

The production problems are due to difficulties with the rumoured fingerprint sensor that will be part of the device, and could hold back about 3 million units until the fourth quarter of 2013.

The iPhone 5S is expected to launch in September, according to the report.

Keep in mind that DigiTimes isn’t always correct with Apple reports, but it is right often enough to warrant attention.

Despite numerous rumours, there still hasn’t been a solid report yet on whether or not Apple’s next iPhone will in fact include a fingerprint sensor. However, many have speculated that it will since Apple bought a fingerprint sensor company called Authentec in 2012 for $365 million.

Yesterday, analyst Peter Misek reported that Apple began production on the iPhone 5S in preparation for a September or October launch.

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