UNBOXED: Here's Your First Look At Apple's New IPhones, The 5S And 5C

Apple’s two new iPhones, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, launched today.

We just got our hands on one of each model, a “space grey” iPhone 5S and blue plastic iPhone 5C.

Take a look.

Here's the box for the iPhone 5S. Let's get to it.

There it is!

The headphones and charging cable are stored underneath the iPhone 5S.

This is the new 'space grey' colour for the iPhone 5S.

The edges are shiny.

Here are the charging port, speakers, and microphone.

The home button looks different. That's because it has a fingerprint sensor built in.

The iPhone 5S has a camera that takes better photos. It also has a new kind of LED flash.


Let's set up the new fingerprint scanner, which Apple calls Touch ID.


Place your finger on the home button.

Lift your finger.

You have to repeat the process several times so the iPhone 5S can read your fingerprint from every angle.


And we're in! Here's the home screen. The iPhone 5S ships with iOS 7, the new operating system for iPhones.

Now let's look at the iPhone 5C, the new iPhone that's a bit cheaper than the 5S and made out of plastic. We got the blue model.

Even the box is made out of plastic.

It's held together with clear tape that's really tough to rip off.

Hello there.

Here are the headphones and charging cords.

The iPhone 5C is held into place in this plastic thing.

Peel off the sticker...

There it is! The plastic feels nice and sturdy. It's not flimsy like some plastic phones.

Here's the speaker, microphone, headphone jack, and charging port.

The volume buttons are plastic too.

This is the welcome screen you see when you first switch on the iPhone 5C.

And we're in! Each iPhone 5C comes with a background that matches the colour on the outside.

Now check out the new software for iPhones...

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