Everything Apple's New IPhones Can Do

Apple announced two new iPhone models today, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

Both devices go on sale September 20. The iPhone 5S will start at $US199 and the iPhone 5C will start at $US99.

But let’s get to the important stuff. What’s so great about these new iPhones and what can they do? Let’s break down the most important features.

This is the iPhone 5S. It comes in three colours.

It has a new home button with a fingerprint sensor.

You place your finger on the sensor to unlock your iPhone 5S. You don't need to enter a passcode.

With the fingerprint sensor, you don't need to enter your password every time you buy an app, movie, or song from iTunes.

This is how you set up the fingerprint sensor. The iPhone 5S needs to scan your fingerprint a few times. It then stores your fingerprint securely on the device.

The home button is made out of scratch-proof sapphire.

The iPhone 5S can recognise three types of fingerprints.

It has a new processor called the A7. It's about twice as fast as the processor in last year's iPhone.

The iPhone 5S camera got some improvements too.

The camera has image stabilisation so you don't accidentally take blurry photos. It can also take four quick photos at once and merge them together for one perfect photo.

It has a special dual flash that helps colours come out more accurately.

The new flash also makes sure skin tones look accurate in low light.

You can shoot slow-motion video.

You can edit parts of your videos to play in slow motion.

This is the new iPhone 5C. It's almost exactly like last year's iPhone 5, except it has a plastic body that comes in a bunch of colours.

You can make the wallpaper match the case colour of the iPhone 5C.

Even the volume buttons are plastic.

The outside may be plastic, but the inside of the iPhone 5C is reinforced by metal.

The iPhone 5C does not have a fingerprint sensor, so you have to unlock the phone with a passcode.

All new iPhones will run iOS 7, the new operating system from Apple that has a fresh design.

iOS 7 also has iTunes Radio, a free streaming music service that's very similar to Pandora.

Apple says the iPhone 5C has 'console quality' gaming graphics.

Siri has some new features. It can now search Twitter and Wikipedia.

You can also buy one of these optional rubbery cases for the iPhone 5C.

But the cases aren't that great. They have holes cut out, which make the iPhone 5C look kind of ugly.

Now take an even closer look at the iPhone 5S.

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