You're Going To Be Super Annoyed Using Apps On Your iPhone 5

iphone 5 with imovie

Photo: Apple

The iPhone 5 is officially here.And one of its key features is the larger 4-inch screen that has an appealing 16:9 ratio for watching widescreen movies.

But there’s a big, stinking elephant in the room that Apple barely touched on in its keynote presentation today.

Third-party apps on the iPhone 5 won’t be properly formatted for the larger screen, so you’re going to see ugly black boxes on the end. It’s kind of like watching a widescreen movie on one of those old 4:3 tube TVs.

By the way, Apple’s apps like Mail, Calendar, Weather, etc. that come preinstalled on the iPhone 5 will look just fine.

Is this a problem?

At first, yes. It’s going to take developers some time to get their apps updated for the new iPhone 5 screen. Think back two years ago when Apple introduced the iPhone 4 with its high-resolution Retina display. It was several weeks before apps were updated to support the new screen. You can bet that’ll happen again with the iPhone 5 launch.

Dealbreaker? No. Annoying? Definitely. But it will get fixed soon.


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