Apple Making A Totally Different Looking iPhone Because Top Execs Stopped Liking The Way The iPhone 4 Looked

steve jobs ninja
Steve Jobs gets sneaky?

Apple will be releasing a radically redesigned iPhone 5, Joshua Topolsky reiterated today in a report at This Is My Next.While most of the world has said the next iPhone would just be a small upgrade, and look largely the same, Topolsky’s source is telling him we’re going to see an entirely different phone.

Topolsky has been reporting that we’d see a redesigned phone for a while now.

How are most people getting it wrong? He explains:

Simply put, as the iPhone 5 components are built for a smaller and lighter device, they can be easily fit into a casing which for all intents and purposes looks identical to an iPhone 4… and that’s exactly what Apple has been doing. Our sources tell us that the company has been testing the new components in old iPhone cases, for obvious reasons. Some of those reports we’ve heard about a larger screen for the old design would make sense too, as a slight tweak of the size (say, to a 3.7-inch display), would be barely noticeable to the eye, but obvious in internal component design. So if you’ve been wondering why the rumours about the iPhone 4S rose to such a din, now you know.

Why abandon the iPhone 4 design so quickly though? We’ve heard that the device is out of favour at the highest levels of the company, and folks are ready to move on to an entirely new product.