This Might Be What Your iPhone 5 Is Going To Look Like

iphone 5

Photo: 9To5Mac

Earlier this week photos were leaked of what appeared to be Apple’s latest iPhone.Today 9To5Mac has discovered more photos via Japanese site iLab of the device fully assembled.

The revised dock connector can be seen in the photos as well as the inside of the device.

While the phone does in fact look taller, the design reminds us of the iPhone 4S.

Here is the iPhone's back. It has been rumoured that Apple is going to eliminate the glass back, replacing it with aluminium.

Another angle shows what appears to be a larger camera.

The aluminium band is still present, just like on the iPhone 4S.

We think this photo makes the device look slightly thinner than the 4S.

Here is the iPhone facing up. The new dock connector is visible along with the headphone jack on the bottom. Another difference is the FaceTime camera moving to the centre at the top.

Here is the inside.

The inside along with the front panel. We hope Apple fits a bigger battery in there.

And the inside bottom, showing another view of the speaker grilles, headphone jack, and dock connector.

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