You Simply Must See This Beautiful Concept Design Of The Next iPhone


Photo: Antonio De Rosa

Now that some of the iPad hype has faded, the attention quickly turns to the next iPhone.9to5Mac uncovered the work of Italian designer Antonio De Rosa, who has taken a stab at imagining what the new device might look like.

His designs, while purely speculative, are totally stunning.

De Rosa imagines a very sleek design

Reimagined notifications and widgets

Pixel density will probably be great

Power and volume buttons at the top

A nice machined back

It doesn't need a black background to look sexy

The hypothetical thinness is impressive -- we're looking forward to see how thin the real thing gets

The lack of a tactile home button is really striking here

The home button appears in the middle of your app dock

Again, the finely-machined back

The power and volume buttons revisited

Some hypothetical apps for it

It's a beautiful imagining of the next iPhone

This isn't the first time the new iPhone's been imagined

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