New iPhone Will Have High-Speed Wireless Data And A Larger Screen

iphone 5 3d render

Photo: YouTube

Apple’s new iPhone, to be unveiled next week at an event in San Francisco, will support LTE, a high-speed, fourth-generation wireless network, the Wall Street Journal reports.The phone will also have a taller screen, a widely expected feature.

Supporting all LTE wireless networks around the world is a technical challenge because carriers using the technology run networks on different bands of spectrum. The radios built into phones must support the right bands to work with a given carrier’s network.

It’s nonetheless notable that the next iPhone will support LTE. Historically, Apple has been slow to adopt the latest wireless technologies. The original iPhone supported EDGE, a slower wireless-data standard, even as 3G networks were starting to come out. Apple’s pattern has been to wait until networks are built out and battery life is optimised for faster data speeds.

But Apple has some experience with LTE. Its latest iPad tablet comes with support for the high-speed data standard.

Here is everything we know about the iPhone 5:

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