iPhone 5 Trumps Samsung Galaxy S III In Durability Tests

Initial iPhone 5 drop tests have repeatedly shown how durable the iPhone 5 is, but SquareTrade decided to see how the iPhone 5 stacks up against the Samsung Galaxy S III.

The results? iPhone 5 is far superior to the Galaxy S III when put up to the test against drops, liquid immersion, and collisions with everyday household items. The iPhone 5 survives a drop with only mild scratches while the Galaxy S3 III’s screen shatters. After getting immersed in a pool, the iPhone 5 comes out still playing video while the Galaxy S III shuts down.

SquareTrade, a company that offers warranty repairs for consumer electronics, released a study last week highlighting the top five iPhone 5 accident scenarios: phone drops from hand, phone falls into a toilet or pool, phono drops from lap, phone falls from table, and phone drenched by a liquid.

Here’s a video of SquareTrade’s tests:

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