You Have To Check Out This Beautiful iPhone 5 Concept Design

iphone 5 concept

Photo: Antoine Brieux

French designer Antoine Brieux has put together some pictures of a very appealing iPhone 5 concept.The images come to us via Steve Hemmerstoffer of Nowhere Else.

They match up nicely with all the recently leaked designs for the next iPhone.

Just as sleek and shiny as the iPhone 4S

Gotta love that redesigned home button

It looks like it's not tactile, but touch-sensitive

It appears to be a good deal thinner than the 4S

But the screen is still as sharp as ever

A reverse shot

Another angle of the back

The volume buttons have been redesigned here

Here's a look at the other side

The differences between this concept and the 4S are subtle

But it's one of the more realistic concepts we've seen

One thing's for sure...

People will line up like crazy to buy one, even if it doesn't look like this

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