New iPhone 5 Cases Hint At Major Redesign

iphone 5 case leakTVC-Mall

Even though we’re about three months away from Apple’s next iPhone launch, case manufacturers are already cranking out accessories based on earlier leaks. We found this “iPhone 5” case for sale on TVC-Mall (via 9to5 Mac and Cydia Blog). The cases cost $1.58 each, but you can buy them in bulk for a little less.

As with previous leaks, it looks like the next iPhone will have a slightly larger screen and a smaller dock connector on the bottom. But as we learned last year, just because case manufacturers start cranking out new designs, doesn’t mean Apple will follow through.

Take a look at the gallery below for a good idea what the next iPhone will (probably) look like.

Inside view

You can see the new dock connector and speaker outlines here.

It looks like the dock connector will be a lot smaller than the standard iPhone/iPod connector Apple has been using for years.

The company is selling the case in a variety of colours

Here's a blue version. It also looks like the headphone jack will be on the bottom.

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