Here Are Some Leaked Photos Of What Could Be The iPhone 5

iPhone 5 leaked case maker model

Photo: Kit Guru

A few images of what is supposedly an iPhone 5 have leaked to the site Kit Guru.Kit Guru claims that the photos were captured in Asia and are the real deal, but as Cult Of Mac points out, it’s likely a mockup made by a third-party case manufacturer. 

Case manufacturers do their best to guess what new smartphones will look like so they can have cases ready for sale when the device launches. We saw this happen last year when everyone thought the iPhone 4S would have a brand new design. They were wrong.

But this design, which leaked a few months ago, seems to be the one everyone thinks will launch this fall.

Here it is next to the current iPhone 4S.

It's been rumoured that the iPhone 5 will have a new, smaller dock connector like this.

SIM card slot on the side.

Front view, upside down

Another shot next to the iPhone 4S

The back

Volume buttons and mute switch

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