Everyone Is Complaining About A 'Purple Haze' On iPhone 5 Photos, But It's Really Not A Big Deal

woman holding iphone 5

Photo: Getty Images

You’ve probably seen a lot of reports today that photos taken with the iPhone 5’s camera displays an odd purple haze when lighting is angled a certain way.It’s a non-issue.

This is apparently a very common flaw with lower-end digital cameras found in today’s smartphones and other point-and-shoot devices. Here’s the Wikipedia page describing the flaw, which Marc Flores pointed out on Twitter. It even has a name: Purple Fringing.

In fact, older iPhone cameras had the so-called “Purple Haze” problem too. It’s nothing new, just one of those quirks many smartphone cameras haven’t been able to get around yet.

Is it ideal? No. But it is a common problem with today’s digital cameras, and nothing specific to the iPhone 5.

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