Big, Glorious Photos Of Our 64GB iPhone 4S Unboxing

iphone 4s angle 400

Photo: Ellis Hamburger, Business Insider

Well, it took until 3PM for UPS to deliver our 64GB iPhone 4S, but it finally got here.We’ve taken some big photos of Apple’s newest baby inside Apple’s famously minimalist packaging.

Also, we’ve done a full size comparison between our 2.5 year old iPhone 3GS and the new iPhone 4, a cool illustration into how far iPhone has come.

Here it, our brand new 64GB iPhone 4S. Oh, the good times we have ahead of us.

Peekaboo. The top comes off the box. Note the iCloud sticker on the side of the box.

Here it is, the iPhone 4S. No wonder Apple didn't change up the design, even if we did get hyped up about it. This thing is gorgeous.

Here's the front of the iPhone 4S. It looks just like the iPhone 4, and even has the same VGA front-facing camera.

Despite 2.5 years of time, the iPhones 4S and our old iPhone 3GS are basically the same size.

The iPhone 4S' Retina IPS display has a different hue to it when it's turned off.

The iPhone 4S' glass back and 8MP camera puts the 3GS' plastic back and 3.2 MP camera to shame. We will miss the curved edges of the 3GS, however.

A crack developed inside the headphone jack of our 3GS. Also, the sleep button stopped working.

The bottom of the 3GS got very dinged up after two years, and even developed a crack.

Apple bundles in headphones, a charger, and USB cord. That's it.

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