Here's Why The iPhone 4S Has Half The Memory Of Its Android Competitors

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Apple has traditionally doubled the RAM included in each iPhone every year, but this year it didn’t.The iPhone 4S contains 512MB of RAM, just like its predecessor, the 1.5 year-old iPhone 4.

The iPhone 4S’ main competitors like the Samsung Galaxy S II and Droid Bionic include 1GB of RAM.

Yes, Apple’s always focused on performance (vs. specs on a piece of paper), but RAM generally is a spot where Apple and competitors have measured up evenly.

In layman’s terms, RAM delegates how many apps and processes you can run simultaneously.┬áSo why does the iPhone 4S have 512MB of RAM?

AppleInsider reported on a blog post Windows boss Steven Sinofsky wrote about Windows 8 that provides some answers. Sinofsky talks about his goal of only needing 1GB of RAM to run Windows 8.

He wrote:

“The more RAM you have on board, the more power it uses, the less battery life you get….Having additional RAM on a tablet device can, in some instances, shave days off the amount of time the tablet can sit on your coffee table looking off but staying fresh and up to date.”

Remember when we found out that the iPhone 4S had 100 fewer hours of standby time than the iPhone 4? It’s sounding like it could’ve been a lot worse had Apple upped the ante to 1GB of RAM, when perhaps they didn’t need to.

After all, have you seen the Infinity Blade 2 graphics Apple demoed the other day? The company seems pretty confident that 512MB is all you need.

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