iPhone 4S Lines From Around The World!

iphone 4s covent garden line

Photo: AP Images

Today’s the day of the big iPhone 4S launch!We’re gathering photos from Twitter and our readers of iPhone 4S lines from around the world.

If you want to share, send us an e-mail!

We’ll keep updating these photos as the day goes on, so keep checking back for more action.

Finally! The iPhone comes to Sprint! Here's the line outside the Sprint store below the Flatiron building in NYC

One of the first people in line at London's Covent Garden Apple Store

SAI Startups editor Alyson Shontell is waiting for her new iPhone 4S at the 14th Street Apple Store in NYC. (She's switching from BlackBerry!)

Eventually, Alyson got pretty close to the front of the line. She should have her brand new iPhone 4S soon!

CNN Money's Laurie Segall snapped this pre-dawn photo of an iPhone 4S line outside of one of NYC's Apple Stores

Steve Wozniak was first in line at the Los Gatos Apple store. Check out that Segway!

PC Mag's Sarah Yin snagged this shot of people waiting in line at the flagship 5th Avenue Apple Store in NYC. You can see the shrine to Steve Jobs on the left

Not too many people lining up at this Verizon store in Rochester

The line at the 86th Street AT&T store in NYC is around the block

There's a massive crowd outside Boston's Apple Store

We're not sure where this Apple Store is, but there's no line at all!

Here's a bird's eye view of an iPhone 4S line outside an AT&T store in West Virginia

The line looks pretty short at this Best Buy

Cool sunrise photo of someone waiting for their iPhone 4S in LA

This guy reports there about 200 people in line for the iPhone 4S at the Chinook Mall in Canada

A reader sent us these two photos he stitched together of the line at the Apple Store in Chicago

Here's an AT&T store on Market Street in downtown San Francisco. The line is still pretty long!

Looks like Woz finally got his iPhone 4S!

These Apple fans in Tokyo showed waited in line outside a local electronics store with these silly iPhone hats

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