BAD NEWS: iPhone 4S Has A Lot Less Standby Time Than Previous iPhones

iphone battery life

Despite Apple’s claims that the iPhone 4S has better battery life than its predecessors, it has roughly 33% less standby time than the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS.

This means that when you’re not using your iPhone 4S, you’re draining battery a whole lot quicker than with previous iPhone models.

The data comes straight from Apple’s iPhone comparison site, which says that the iPhone 4S has 200 hours of standby time, while the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS have 300 hours of standby time.

The Guardian did a comparison of iPhone standby times, and notes that even the first generation iPhone, with 250 hours of standby time, beats out Apple’s latest golden egg device.

It all sounds fishy, considering Apple VP Phil Schiller made it clear that the iPhone 4S squeezes in one extra hour of 3G talk time, but the facts are straight from Apple.

So what’s the cause?

Perhaps the decrease in standby time is due to location polling iOS 5 apps like Reminders and Find My Friend. These apps monitor your location (if you so choose) and can help you find friends, or just remind you to pick up eggs once you leave work.

After all, we did hear some murmurs pre-launch that the iPhone 4S would have some kind of souped up GPS-location tracking.

Or maybe Siri is just a resource-hungry feature that’s always on and ready to go.

If you want to learn more, The Guardian has some nice charts comparing battery life across various data points among iPhones.

See below for Apple’s image of battery life data (from left to right, the iPhone 4S, 4, and 3GS):

iphone battery life data

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