iPhone 4 Antenna Song Guy's Greatest Hits

Jonathan Mann with an iPhone 4

Jonathan Mann’s song about the iPhone 4’s antenna problem has been an absolute home run.

The song took off quickly, and became famous when Apple decided to play it before beginning its press conference on the subject. It currently has 735,000 views. Jonathan quickly followed up with an ode to Steve Jobs, attempting to capitalise on the first song’s success.

Still, it’s odd that people in tech are referring to him as “the iPhone antenna song guy” as if Jonathan were previously unknown. If his Steve Jobs song gets picked up widely, it will be, by our count, the fifth time one of Jonathan’s songs made a splash in the media. It’s especially weird because Jonathan’s biggest hit ever was also about tech, and was widely covered.

Still don’t remember who this guy is?

This reprehensible but incredibly catchy call for Paul Krugman to join President Obama's cabinet went absolutely nuts on the political blogosphere. It lead to several television appearances, including one in which he performed the song live on Rachel Maddow's show.

Torture Memos: Waterboarding

Jonathan didn't have to write any lyrics at all for this one. Former Assistant Attorney General Jay Bybee did all the work for him. It's genius.

Bing Goes the Internet

This song doubled as an entry to Microsoft's Bing jingle competition -- and won. This video doesn't have as many views as some of his other hits, but the song also appeared on a few television commercials.

The iPhone 4 Antenna Song

Requires no introduction to SAI readers:

Steve Jobs

The latest:

BONUS: I'm MG Siegler

TechCrunch's MG Siegler wrote a scathing review of Jonathan's Bing jingle. This was his response.

DOUBLE BONUS: Bing Goes The Internet -- Creepy Elementary School Edition

Even Jonathan thought this was a little unsettling:

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