iPad SOLD OUT All Over The Tri-State Area

iPad guy

Apple can’t keep up with iPad demand: We’ve been trying to buy iPads to give away as party favours for our mobile conference this Thursday in NYC — buy tickets here! — and we’re out of luck.

It appears that iPads are sold out all over the tri-state area, at Apple Stores, Best Buy stores, and even trusty Tekserve. And judging by recent tweets, they’re sold out in other parts of the country, too.

We hear that many of the stores (perhaps all) are receiving daily shipments, but are getting more new reservations each day than units.

Even Apple’s web store shows a delayed “7-10 business days” for shipping times now.

Why sold out? We imagine it has to do with high demand AND Apple’s coming iPad launch in nine more countries on May 28. But perhaps there’s another constraining factor?

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